The Legacy

Our legacy begins today, with the political decision of the governments of the city of Bariloche, the province of Río Negro
and the National Government to promote this candidacy and build the Expo not only to hold the exhibition itself, but also to establish here a city of knowledge and development. A city that is already underway and growing.

Building the city of knowledge means committing the participation of all stakeholders of the region’s education, technological systems and of the scientific community, in order to generate an area of human development for the training of new generations of students and researchers.

All of the projected infrastructure
for Expo 2027 Bariloche will be repurposed and placed at the
service of an educational, scientific, technological and productive hub that is set to become a leading regional point of reference: “The City of Knowledge and Development” (CKD, CCD in Spanish). At the close of the exhibition, each of the spaces and buildings will be used by the different stakeholders of the existing innovation system to expand their projects, in some cases, relocate here to boost their operations and development in this designed environment.

The CKD will be nurtured by the arrival of new players in the field of innovation, whether public entities or small, medium and large-scale technological companies. As reflected in the Masterplan, the buildings will be used as common spaces that will enhance the synergy and the acceleration of initiatives, providing the infrastructure that will make a livable city for all those who reside there permanently, and those who commute from downtown Bariloche (Centro Cívico).