About Expo 2027 Bariloche


EXPO 2027 Bariloche will be the ideal time and place to rethink our history, and create a new opportunity… A World that will place men and women at its heart; human energy will take its place in nature, while creating and implementing technologies that will enable true advances in people’s quality of life and wellbeing.

An Expo that is inclusive, but that also goes beyond dreaming of the real and feasible improvements we are capable of (less air and water pollution, better quality of life for the population, friendlier technologies for the people and the environment); an Expo that also places humankind at its center, those responsible for thinking, creating and acting. An Expo that can balance the outward look with the necessary introspection, a “spirituality” independent of rites and religions: the possibility of understanding one another as inhabitants and neighbors of the world.

Looking within, to understand again what is outside.

This new beginning is not conceived from just any place, it is conceived from Latin America, which will host this event for the first time; especially Patagonia, Bariloche, the South of the South, which demands that we position ourselves in a specific place, and thus put forward a new Expo concept.

The world can only change with a paradigm shift.

A new way of looking at ourselves, our relation with the environment, and with those around us.

From “The End of the Word”, a new beginning..



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